Why is Adriatic the best sea to sail in ?

The Shape and Size

of the Adriatic sea create excellent qualities desired for yachting vacation.

 As the part of the large Mediterranean basin it is placed as the closest sea to the geographical center of Europe. The Croatian adriatic coast with its hundreds of islands and dynamic flow has own sailing areas with unique flavors.

Compared to many European coasts and seas, it has simply much more to offer.

Inviting and Friendly

with mild weather patterns, the Adriatic sea creates it’s own cosy, and personal atmosphere.

Transparent and calm waters in the bays and the lack of dangerous animals make inumerable places to unforgettable swimming spots. 

Extremly large and dangerous ocean waves cannot be created in a small sea like the Adriatic. On top of that, Croatian islands protect the coast from the offshore waves from times immemorial and provide more pleasant routes along the shore. Coastal and offshore sailing can be both practiced in the Adriatic, which makes it also ideal sea to start one’s sailing career.

The Dazzling Variety

of hundreds of islands creates thousands of places to be in. Even after decades of sailing, new bays and places can be discovered and ejoyed.

The towns on the islands are all small in size, charming and offer a one of a kind blend of culture, nature and history at the same time. Some of the most authentic restaurants are placed in the lonesome bays on the islands and only reached by the boat.

The islands offer many possibilities for finding a quiet bay even during strong winds and easily accommodate all the boats in the high season, so that you can always find your quiet place to drop the anchor.


is excellently planned all along the Croatian coast and islands in the mid 80’s and upgraded ever since.

More than 20 modern yacht marinas perfectly blended in the landscape are built in the best protected bays. On top of that, almost every village at the sea provides high quality mooring places. The modern mobile phone network covers all the islands, which allows full 24/7 connection.

In many bays on the islands there are official buoys installed where you can enjoy an evening without bothering about your anchoring situation and local wind patterns. Compared to the other Mediteranean seas, in the Croatian Adriatic, the better level of service is offered with lower prices at the same time.

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