Croatian Adriatic Coast and Our 4 Sailing Areas

Europe’s most beautiful coast

Mountains that drop steeply into the sea, an archipelago with hundreds of islands, crystal clear water, uninhabited landscapes, and national parks – these are some of the basic elements of the Adriatic coast in Croatia. It is a home of unforgettable places and moments that can only be experienced here. It is no coincidence that this coast has become a must for all those who have already been drawn into the spell of coastal sailing.

The trip on the yacht presents us with special experience of the destination first-hand. And the landings allow us an even richer experience of the place. Given the variety of landscapes, water, and cultural assets, as well as endless possibilities of sailing, only one visit to the Croatian coast is not enough. That’s why it doesn’t surprise us that our customers return again and again and gladly recommend us.

Enjoy these pictures as a small sample of the Adriatic coast.

The Croatian Adriatic coast is composed of several geographical zones that have their own authentic identity. So that we can share the best weather and conditions, we cover the 4 most attractive cruise districts with the best conditions:

  • Dubrovnik
  • Split
  • Šibenik
  • Zadar

Sailing area: Dubrovnik



Dubrovnik is a world-famous, completely preserved Renaissance city. The former independent Republic of Dubrovnik is still a place that does not easily fade from memory even after a short visit. In this city, you will find high defensive walls, churches, monasteries, an old port, market streets, and squares. It is already a famous tourist destination in the Mediterranean and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The lushest island in the Adriatic has its own national park known for its large and sheltered bays, lakes, Mediterranean vegetation and a 12th-century Benedictine monastery built in the middle of the inner lake. Visit the park in the late afternoon, when all the tourists have disappeared and the heat sinks, and enjoy it royally.


A medieval Mediterranean town that is best preserved and the birthplace of Marco Polo is linked to the island as its historical source. Most buildings in the finest architecture were built during the reign of the Republic of Venice. The city has a rich heritage of history, architecture, and culture. Today it is a regular stop for many sailors to replenish their yacht supplies and spend a night on this historic island.


Cavtat is the tourist and cultural center of the southernmost tip of Croatia. Placed between two small coves and with medieval roots, it has developed its own character as a holiday destination. Take ice cream and watch local water polo games in the clear waters of the harbor. Visited by mighty yachts and adorned with lush restaurant terraces, Cavtat is an absolute must when sailing south.


Lastovo and it’s nearby small islands are quiet, charming, truly unique and at the same time a nature park. In the large bays on its west side and in the archipelago on the east side, you will find beautiful anchorages. The largest village, also called Lastovo, is theatrically embedded in the inner hills of the island. A walk through its streets takes you back to the bygone days of Croatia.


These small, pine-covered islands have few villages, but they offer many exotic anchorage options and a beautiful landscape through which you can always sail. Are you looking for a charming, quiet village? Can be found here. Or are you more interested in natural beauty? There is a lot to choose from. Whatever you choose, it sure is excellent.

Sailing area: Split



As the second largest town in Croatia, Split has experienced a big tourist boom in the last ten years. Now its modern restaurants, shops, bars and clubs are some of the finest on the coast. At the same time it is a treasure for historians with Diocletian’s Palace and Old Town with architecture that spans 2000 years of history. Yet in front of these ancient buildings you’ll find one of the most vibrant contemporary waterfronts on the Coast.


Vis has a distinctly un-touristy feel, without the typical tourist offices and tourism. This remote island was actually closed off to foreign visitors until quite recently. And whatever has been created since the nineties has been built in outstanding style. It’s no wonder that our clients are as crazy about Vis as we are! Many people tell us that one night stay is just not enough. And we understand since there are so many special spots to enjoy the island and its finest flavours.


Hvar is the St. Tropez of Croatia. It started as a conquered city ruled by the Venice Republic in medieval times and is home to one of the first theatres in Europe. It is now host to red-carpet events and a regular spot for super-yacht owners. You may even spot a celebrity amidst Hvar’s marble waterfront or fine clubs. There are plenty of chic boutiques, bars and restaurants to be explored.


Bol’s famous beach promontory is a hallmark of the Croatian coast. At this point the channel narrows between islands Brač and Hvar and creates stronger winds. These winds attract windsurfers and kitesurfers from near and far. Other attractions of this precious coastal gem include the shorefront Varadero club, pebble beaches, stylish bars and shops and elegant Mediterranean architecture. Crown your vacation with a visit to Bol.


Komiža is a blast from the past. This unspoiled and charismatic town resembles the  Croatian coast of 150 years ago — fishing village with stone houses, tiny beaches and local boats, restaurants with views and rustic terraces. Find your buoy after a long sailing day and explore our favorite place on the coast, located on the western part of the island of Vis.


Historical monuments, such as the Kamerlengo fortress and the sacred sculpture of the Blessed John of Orsini, give this town a strong historical flavor. It is also known for its incredible architecture, which displays a wide range of styles and impresses both expert and public alike.


What, you may ask, has made Makarska so famous? Well for starters, you’ll find a majestic landscape with a mountain seeming to rise from the sea, blue waters surrounding two large green islands, long pebble beaches and a belt of greenery in the foothills. Apart from the spectacular scenery, if you’re looking to feel the rush of a crowd and a night out amidst the many bars and clubs, Makarska should hold a spot on your bucket list.


Stari Grad feels hidden, lying at the bottom of a giant bay on the northern coast of the island of Hvar. However, a recent boom of fine restaurants, wineries and shops alongside the town’s historic architecture has created a growing buzz.

Sailing area: Šibenik



The old town of Šibenik is located on a small hill and is almost invisible from the sea. Surrounded by stone-masonry houses, stands St. James’s Cathedral, a 15th-century church listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the cozy waterfront with its quaint streets, shops, cafes, and restaurants. In front of the city of Šibenik, there is a lesser-known archipelago, which is very popular with sailors.

Zlarin & Prvić

The longtime favorites of sailors, both islands have a rich coastal history. For centuries, Zlarin had been known as a source of red coral, and Prvić had long been an island favored by landowners on the coast. The two small oases are located near the coast and still give the impression of real island life. Both islands are still untouched and full of raw beauty so that a visit is hardly enough.


Primošten means “the bridged” and as the name implies, the city was a remote island in antiquity. Now it is a charming mountain village and a church. With many beaches and some yachts, it is an ideal stopover on the sailing trips between Šibenik and Split.


Murter is full of bays and surrounded by tiny islands. Here you can sail wonderfully. Ancient olive groves contribute to the rustic, untouched atmosphere of the villages. There is an authentic atmosphere here that you may not find in other, more densely populated areas along the coast. You will also find excellent restaurants here, located between the villages and on the neighboring islands. In places that have not lost their familiar fascination.


Skradin is a romantic town at the entrance of Krka National Park. To reach it from the sea you have to sail through a narrow channel between a lighthouse and the famous fortress, pass a winding gorge, cross a lake and enter a river. The city is surrounded by beautiful greenery and decorated with swans of swans. There you can enjoy the rare cuisine, the refreshing surroundings and nearby waterfalls of the park. But do not forget that you still expect a huge sea and hundreds of islands on your trip.


Choose a small group and a tour to enter the park and enjoy the natural beauty for hours in its surroundings. Here you will find lakes with small islands, quiet streams and a series of waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery. Then, sample continental cuisine by the riverbank before returning to the sea.

Sailing area: Zadar



Zadar, the second-largest city in southern Croatia, has always been an economic and nautical center. The old town was founded on a peninsula and offers numerous sights and experiences – from bars and clubs to old churches to defensive walls and marble streets. In front of the city, you will find islands and sea passages that will lead you to even more harbors and a variety of coastal experiences.

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok means “the long island” and extends, as the name implies, over 30 miles. Nestled on the island are some small villages that are always worth visiting: Veli Rat, Brbinj, Božava, Luka and the famous Sali. The sandy beach of Sakarun, the lagoon Pantera and the large bay of Telaščica – an official nature park – are just some of the local highlights that are unrivaled on the coast. Sailing along its north coast, completely sheltered from the waves, is the first choice for many sailors. This route also gives you the opportunity to anchor in the turquoise waters in front of the many small islands and to find a special place.


Like a small pirate nest, this village is a sought-after haven for many experienced sailors who value authenticity. The small village with three bars and two restaurants makes life easy and brings people together to meet and share stories. And the stories are an important part of sailing life. A part that should not be missed. With new sailor’s yarn and enriched with the recommendations of new friends, you can sail on the next day in the new adventures.

Veli Rat

The environment of this lighthouse is unique – a large lagoon with buoys, tiny beaches, turquoise waters, pines and a massif in the background. Veli Rat offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the quiet impressions that dominate this place.


About one hundred uninhabited islands, islets, and rocks form the national park. This archipelago, which is only covered with Mediterranean herbs, has the look and feel that no other island has. Here you will find the clearest water, the most authentic restaurants and a series of secluded coves to drop anchor and spend the nights under the stars. The Kornati islands always offer impeccable moments of rest at sea – moments that sailors have always been drawn to the sea.


If you want to recover from the fast city life, these islands are ideal destinations. Here you will find small bays, sea passages, and smaller islands as well as blue coves and charming villages. These are beautiful places where you can return to the simplicity of Mediterranean life. Do not miss a pleasant walk on the hill, where you will find a small church and a great view.

You can spend a whole week to really enjoy one of these areas.
To indicate the richness of the possibilities, one has to say that each area can be explored for 4 to 5 weeks, without having to visit the same places again.

There is just so much to discover

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