The best time of year for sailing in the adriatic

If you plan to Rent A Yacht or book some Events with Yachts in the Adriatic sea, have these information in the mind so that you can easily choose your Adria Experience.

The sailing season starts usually in April with Easter and it lasts until the end of the October. It can be sailed the whole year through, but the season period is simply much more pleasant. The peak of the season is 4 weeks long, from 15. of July to 15. of August and its center can be put on 1. August.

Almost all important factors are symmetrically changing during the season, and the more you are away in the calendar from that center:
• yacht renting prices are lower
• probability of rain/storms is higher
• probability of strong winds is higher
• amount of yachts and tourists along the coast is less
• amount of cultural / entertaining events are less
• the sea temperature is lower

The sea temperature is shifted in the calendar “to the right” since it takes longer time for the sea to accumulate heat in the spring time, but it stays longer with us in the autumn. So the bathing beach season is from beginning of June until end of September. Important note is that the southern sailing areas like Split or Dubrovnik generally keep their sea waters warmer during the whole season.

If you, your friends and family need the full heat of summer with warmest sea for night swims, buzz in the ports, sleeping under the stars, endless bathing time for children, the peak of season would be your time for Adriatic.

And if you want to enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic sea with your yacht and crew regardless of the most popular factors, and simply enjoy the life at the sea, you can always Rent A Yacht for yourself in the end or beginning of the season and save some money. Or you can book The Great Sailing Escape and deepen your nautical experience with us at the same time.

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