Skipper takes care of your safe and relaxed time aboard the yacht

Add a Skipper

Our skippers are well trained and experienced sailors who know everything about our yachts and navigation. They perform their tasks with responsability, share gladly the gems of the coast and have a pleasant presence.
Regard your skipper as an extra friend who will stay with you and your friends throughout the cruise. All friends need to be fed, so please prepare meals for your skipper.
Be nice to your skippers and they will be nice to you.

What will the skipper do?

The skipper also has many organizational, technical, nautical and household duties. These are the most important on the sailing yachts:

  • inform you about the yacht, your preferences and route
  • The skipper will do all the navigation and sailing
  • Share with you to all the hidden gems along the way
  • Show you the basics of handling the sails and ropes, if you are willing to learn
  • Be responsible for the yacht and all its equipment
  • Be your unique friend for the week
  • Going trough check in and check out of the yacht with the charter company

Skipper’s responsibilities DO NOT include: cleaning the interior, cooking, dishwashing, shopping for groceries or babysitting.
The motor yachts have their own crew with more detailed, higher standards of duties on board.


  • If you simply want to charter a yacht with us (with Rent A Yacht Event) or want to book a yacht for your personal customized event, the skipper can be always added to it.
  • In all other our packages a skipper is always part of it.

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