Sailing area Split has it all – Innumerable bays, big greeen islands and most famous places

The Croatian coast is home to so many unforgettable places and moments that are to be experienced only here.

It is with good reason that this coast has now become one of Europe’s must-see destinations for coastal sailing. Travelling on a yacht gives you a unique, first-hand experience of a destination. And coming ashore to see the sights at your leisure ensures even richer experience of place.

Large and Famous Islands are here
Sailing Area Split is perhaps the most famous area on the coast. Given the rich geography, unique cultural history and the infinite possibilities of sailing, one visit is not enough. The Islands in this area – Brac, Hvar, Šolta, Vis, Korčula and Lastovo – are some of the largest and most popular ones in Croatia. They are all covered with thick green pine forests, that used to be cultivated areas for olives and grapes few centuries back.

Island Vis is a highlight of it’s own.
One of the highlights is island Vis. Since the whole island was forbidden to foreigners and did not have developed tourism until the 1991, it was never spoiled with classic touristic offers. And whatever has been created since then, it is done with style. There are so many nice spots here designed to enjoy the island and Croatian coast and its finest flavors. No wonder that our clients go crazy about Vis like we do and found it often too short to stay only for one evening.

Famous places are here, too
In Split Sailing Area are well known destinations like Hvar, Bol, Korčula and Makarska, so it offers flavor of highlights that are showcased in many brochures about Croatia. You can fully enjoy the stylish places, beach bars, clubs and restaurants and be the part of the red carpet buzz, where many large yacht owners love to be seen. The places in this area are well developed and habituated and offer more for your holidays, but are at the same time small in size and with lots of visual charm.

Hundreds of Bays to be discovered
Yet, if someone prefers more nature and lovely bays over the inhabited places, this area has to offer a sea of experiences. An experienced skipper is able to cruise in this area in high season and manage to be away from the crowd at the same time. It is up to you to discover the places that will be your personal highlights in this area. We are here to help you find them.

There is simply so much to discover. And to give you a glimpse into the wealth of possibilities, you could explore this area for about five weeks before returning back to the same places.

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