Charter Catamaran

Catamarans (8 persons) Season (1.Jun – 15.Sep) Out of season
40-42 feet € 6’200 € 3’800
43-45 feet € 7’400 € 4’100
46-50 feet € 14’800 € 8’900
larger than 50 feet On demand On demand

The prices are for new yachts – not older than 5 years.

Fairness & Trust

The listed prices are just a reference. More attractive and exact prices you will get in our proposals upon your request. The prices in our proposals are always same as the official prices of our partners. We do not want anyone to find later on more attractive prices from the yacht owners or online booking portals. This way we build long term trust and benefits for the clients and for the yacht owners.

Lately, as charter services have developed, prices have fallen to become much more affordable.
While not many people know about this, we wanted to make sure you heard the good news.

Generally, all prices are defined by following values:

  • yacht value
  • yacht age
  • time of season
  • home marina

And don’t forget, the prices are per boat and not per person, so the savings are yours !

Additional costs and various options

Besides the yacht renting price there are additional costs and some optional features included.

Obligatory options:

    • Transit log – cleaning, bedding, etc., 120-250eur
    • Yacht deposit, refundable, 1000 – 2500eur, depends on the size of the yacht
    • Tourist taxes

Additional costs:

    • Food and Beverages
    • Yacht fuel, 100-350eur for sailing yachts. For motor yachts much more. 
    • Berth fees* in ports, marinas and bays

*Berth fees depend on the boat’s overall length and the quality of the port’s infrastructure. The prices in Croatia are still lower than in many other Mediterranean countries that offer comparable infrastructure. For example, a rough price estimate for one night stay: smaller boats 50-70eur, larger boats 70-110eur, catamarans 110-180eur. Stays in ports are up to 30% less expensive than in the marinas. Marinas have better facilities: showers, toilets, etc. Stays in the base (starting) marina are usually free.

Optional Features:

    • The skipper, 1050eur/week + food
    • The hostess, 1050eur/week + food
    • Insurance of yacht deposit, 120-300eur, yacht deposit need not to be paid
    • Outboard engine for the dinghy, 80eur (sometimes incl.)
    • WIFI onboard (sometimes incl.)
    • stand up paddle – 160eur/week
    • safety net for boat’s railing for small children – 70eur/week
    • spinnaker / gennaker – 150eur/week

Payment terms:

    • 50% is due within 5 days after your confirmation of the reservation.
    • The remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to departure, at the latest.

Every day is new

The life on deck is continuous
journey. The flow of places and
events around the yacht is true wealth
of your holidays and outshines every
staying in a hotel

A typical day on deck

Wake up and jump into the sea. Cruise between islands,
drop the anchor in a lovely bay for lunch. Sail ahead
in a good company and stop somewhere to explore the
culture, cuisine and history.

The best pool is free

The sea is non-stop available,
so use it for enjoyment, exploration,
refreshment and reconnection

Helpful Links

Beyond safety and elegance, a holiday on board a yacht is also more vivid and personal than a cruise on a large ship:

  • Through your choice of company and cabin-mates.
  • The size of your yacht allows you to use places of the coast which are inaccessible for larger cruise ships.
  • With the yacht’s elegant design experience surrounding nature all the more up close and personal.  
  • You chart your own course and set your own time. 
  • Large sailing cruisers actually cannot create one-of-a-kind feeling of truly sailing, which is the hallmark of the Adria Experience.

Answers to Your Questions

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