How to choose the right yacht type

Your sailing days shall be tailored for you and your friends aboard the yacht.

The choice of the proper yacht type is important, since the boat itself will be your living and breathing home that determines the comfort, style, rhythm and quality of your vacation. You can also visually compare the yacht types on our yachts page. The three types are:


Sailing Yacht

The negative sides of the monohull are actually not considered negative by sailors at all, yet compared with other yacht types it has less space and the heel during the sailing reduces the available living space some more.

At the same time it is the most economic yacht type, elegant and comfortable if the proper size is chosen. The additional costs like fuel and berth fees are by far less expensive and above all, it is the only yacht type that can produce the true sailing feeling appreciated by experienced sailors.


The Catamaran

The only uncomfortable part about the catamaran might be it’s rental price and the berth fees. Because of it’s size, in the high season, it also reduces your chances of finding the free spot in the port if you arrive later.

But, in reality, this most stable yacht type that has no heel is all about – comfort.
It leaves all the space for living and the cat can provide up to 4 times more space than a monohull of the same length. The cabins are 2 or 3 times more spacious and the saloon with the kitchen part are as large as in a small apartment. Each Catamaran has:

– additional large space for dining/lounging at the back
– relaxing large front part with the net
– extra sunbathing areas
– elevated skippers bridge
– separated living areas for the skipper/hostess
– higher quality dinghies and outboarders are attached to catamarans


The Luxury Motor Yacht

If you desire a true luxury experience at sea and do not mind extreme fuel consumption, premium prices and the absence of the sails, the motor yacht is the proper choice.

High cruising speeds allow you to reach furthest places in no time. This yacht type is most luxurious, most spacious and best equipped of all. The cabins and living area have the size standards of a hotel room or a suite. Motor yachts usually have fix crew of their own at your service.

For all yacht types is good to remember that the rental prices get cheaper with the yacht’s age. An older, but well preserved yacht might be sometimes a good option, too. Your agent shall know the market well in order to find you a charterer that keeps his older boats shipshape.

Whichever yacht type you choose, we are sure that you will have a good experience, since the Croatian coast has qualities that suits best to all three types.

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