How to choose the right size yacht

The days spent on a yacht have their undisputed value.
Yet, if you choose the yacht size that suits your way of living, things will even get better.

Generally, comfort, stability and safety on board grow with the size of the boat.
The yachts have grown in size in the last decades, and many a marina from the 80’s, when an average size of the sailing boat was about 30-35 feet, struggles to accommodate todays needs for charter fleets with 45 feet yachts or larger. Also, the equipment and usage of the space has improved manyfold, which leads to even more comfort for us.

Perhaps the best way to choose the yacht size is to count the people on board a yacht including the crew (skipper and hostess) and beds in the cabins while leaving the additional beds in the saloon space out of the calculation. This thumb rule will ensure enough space for all and let you enjoy the design of the yacht with more privacy and without any restraints.

For all 3 Yacht types – Catamaran, Sailing Yacht or Luxury Motor Yacht – the reference for yacht size is the length. More length does not mean that you will get “the same thing, just longer”.
You will get a boat that has increased at the same time in length, height and width, which gives you much more space to live in.

Few thumb rules:
– Keep in mind that a 40 feet sailing yacht can have up to 40% more space compared to a 35 feet model.
– A sailing yacht that is twice as much long, has at least 4 times more space for living.

Also important to remember is that in the online or paper advertising the yacht’s overlay diagrams are often displayed almost in the same size, that may lead to wrong conclusion that “those 6 feet more in length do not change much for us.”

Give yourself and your dear one’s a treat and Rent a Yacht with us. We will galdly share our experience with you.

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