Hostess on a yacht creates more free time and comfort for you

Add a Hostess

Sometimes our clients complain that they spend too much time preparing and serving meals, washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen during their vacation.

A hostess on board makes your vacation less tiring and gives you more time to relax.

Our hostess are trained crew members who will treat you to freshly prepared meals every day and tidy up afterwards. You can think of your hostess as an additional friend aboard our yacht. Be nice to your hostess and they will be nice to you.

Please keep in mind that a hostess is not a professional chef. While she may not be able to cater to all requests, especially for international cuisine, she will do her best to provide a diverse Mediterranean menu rich in local ingredients.

Hostess are only an option if you also have an Adria Experience Skipper on board.


What will the hostess do?

  • Before your arrival, preparing the interior of the boat,
    checking the galley inventory and cleaning utensils
  • Helping you to settle in upon your arrival
  • The food shopping on arrival and throughout
    the cruise (accompanied by a crew member)
  • Clean the saloon, cockpit, galley and toilets, but not the bedrooms
  • Providing snacks and drinks during the cruise and between meals
  • Prepare something special for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    (dinner –  just 2 nights in a week on our Events with cabin booking)
  • Serve drinks during dinner
  • Clean up after meals and wash the dishes
  • Helping the skipper during some maneuvers on board for safety reasons


  • If you simply want to charter a yacht with us (with Rent A Yacht Event) or to book a yacht for your personaly customised Event, a hostess can always be added to it.
  • For the package Great Sailing Escape you can not hire a hostess. 
  • In the packages Hapiness Sailing and Sri Sri Yoga Sailing a hostess is always included in the price.

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