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Famous for its Happiness Program

Sail for a week with people from all around the globe and learn to be sustainably happy.

Explore the Croatian majestic coast and islands  and experience a mix of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and practical wisdom 
with the world famous the Art of Living Happiness Program. Harmonise your body, breath and mind and learn the practical tools for a lifetime.

Keep your Heart and Mind connected and become the Best of You.
Croatia’s serene seas and charismatic places create the perfect stage 
for Happiness Sailing. And continue to call us back year after year.

from 1'580 € per person

29.June-5.July 2019
Yacht Type: Monohull
Sailing Area:  Split
Booking Type:   Cabin Booking
Crew included: Skipper & Hostess
Food Package included:  Vegi

Contact Us The Happiness Sailing Dates:

The sails will be set from 29. June to 5. July 2019

Yacht Type:
During this event we sail on new monohull yachts with 4 or 5 cabins, not older than 5 years. 

Sailing Area:
This year we will sail in the sailing area Split.

Included Crew:
Our experienced skipper and hostess will be with you on board a yacht.

Included Food & Drink Package:
Vegi package is included to give you an easy start and equip you with necessities for your week. You can add more to it at your own cost.

The Costs:
The price per person displayed on the event’s page, 1’580 eur is an accurate estimation calculated from the obligatory and necessary additional costs. Exact prices you will get in our proposal during the booking process. A good reference of total costs you can find on our What is included page.

Booking the Cabin:
You can also join us in the weeks listed above by booking a cabin for 2 persons. Simply send us an email and we will put you on a waiting list. When a minimum number of cabin reservations is reached, we will guide you all through the booking process, to finally book the whole yacht. Everyone shares the costs transparently.

Complete Booking steps are explained on our Booking Steps page.

About Happiness Program


To be independent from weather patterns, the program will be held in the venues. It consist of 3 sessions à 3 hours and all of them must be attended to receive the qualificiatons and to learn the techniques as a personal practice. The program language is English, and it will be translated simultanously to German if needed. After the program, we will organise yoga sessions / meditations almost every day where you can freely enjoy the learned Knowledge in supporting and pleasant environment.  This summer, our teacher is dynamic and internationally renowned Christoph Köllner from Germany. In a light and pragmatic manner, he will enable participants to experience finer levels of our existence and expand their horizons.


Click here to find out more about the program and The Art of Living

Sailing area: Split


Innumerable bays, big green islands and most famous places are here. One week is not enough, so choose your route wisely.



As the second largest town in Croatia, Split has experienced a big tourist boom in the last ten years. Now its modern restaurants, shops, bars and clubs are some of the finest on the coast. At the same time it is a treasure for historians with Diocletian’s Palace and Old Town with architecture that spans 2000 years of history. Yet in front of these ancient buildings you’ll find one of the most vibrant contemporary waterfronts on the Coast.


Vis has a distinctly un-touristy feel, without the typical tourist offices and tourism. This remote island was actually closed off to foreign visitors until quite recently. And whatever has been created since the nineties has been built in outstanding style. It’s no wonder that our clients are as crazy about Vis as we are! Many people tell us that one night stay is just not enough. And we understand since there are so many special spots to enjoy the island and its finest flavours.


Hvar is the St. Tropez of Croatia. It started as a conquered city ruled by the Venice Republic in medieval times and is home to one of the first theatres in Europe. It is now host to red-carpet events and a regular spot for super-yacht owners. You may even spot a celebrity amidst Hvar’s marble waterfront or fine clubs. There are plenty of chic boutiques, bars and restaurants to be explored.


Bol’s famous beach promontory is a hallmark of the Croatian coast. At this point the channel narrows between islands Brač and Hvar and creates stronger winds. These winds attract windsurfers and kitesurfers from near and far. Other attractions of this precious coastal gem include the shorefront Varadero club, pebble beaches, stylish bars and shops and elegant Mediterranean architecture. Crown your vacation with a visit to Bol.


Komiža is a blast from the past. This unspoiled and charismatic town resembles the  Croatian coast of 150 years ago — fishing village with stone houses, tiny beaches and local boats, restaurants with views and rustic terraces. Find your buoy after a long sailing day and explore our favorite place on the coast, located on the western part of the island of Vis.


Historical monuments, such as the Kamerlengo fortress and the sacred sculpture of the Blessed John of Orsini, give this town a strong historical flavor. It is also known for its incredible architecture, which displays a wide range of styles and impresses both expert and public alike.


What, you may ask, has made Makarska so famous? Well for starters, you’ll find a majestic landscape with a mountain seeming to rise from the sea, blue waters surrounding two large green islands, long pebble beaches and a belt of greenery in the foothills. Apart from the spectacular scenery, if you’re looking to feel the rush of a crowd and a night out amidst the many bars and clubs, Makarska should hold a spot on your bucket list.


Stari Grad feels hidden, lying at the bottom of a giant bay on the northern coast of the island of Hvar. However, a recent boom of fine restaurants, wineries and shops alongside the town’s historic architecture has created a growing buzz.


Sudarshan Kriya

Seaside Meditation


Every day is new

The life on deck is continuous
journey. The flow of places and
events around the yacht is true wealth
of your holidays and outshines every
staying in a hotel

A typical day on deck

Wake up and jump into the sea. Cruise between islands,
drop the anchor in a lovely bay for lunch. Sail ahead
in a good company and stop somewhere to explore the
culture, cuisine and history.

The best pool is free

The sea is non-stop available,
so use it for enjoyment, exploration,
refreshment and reconnection

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