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Is it dangerous on a yacht?

No, it is not. Everything about it is designed for enjoyment and pleasure. The skippers will make sure that you do not sail in harsh conditions. The yachts are cruising close to the coast all the time.

Does our luggage have a weight or space limit?

No. But keep in mind that storage space on the yachts is limited so we recommend for packing a cabin sized soft bag.

What if I prefer someone to cook and clean up for me?

In case you prefer to be fully serviced during your sailing experience you may book a Hostess to have more precious time for yourself.

Can I bring my soundsystem?

The yachts are equipped with a sound system including radio and a CD/MP3 player. Some of them also have AUX line in with 3,5mm jack, (the headphone plug) where you can plug in your music device. And you can bring your own small loudspeakers for listening to your songs and enjoying the sunset.

Can the yacht capsize?

No. All yachts are featured with a keel at the bottom which makes overturning impossible.

And remember, yachting means sailing and cruising for pleasure, so the harsh conditions that are anyway rare in the Adriatic sea will be avoided.

I would like to bring my cat, dog or other pets with me. Is it OK?

Only if you use our Rent A Yacht service or Big Chill Sailing event, we can find a yacht a company that will allow it. They charege usually an extra fee for it: about 150-200eur.

Will towels and sheets be provided on the yacht?

Yes. Towels, sheets and a blanket will be provided for each crew member on the yacht. Some people bring also their own beach towel for daily usage on deck.

Is there a safe on the yacht?

There are no safes on the yachts, but the entrance to the interior of the yacht can be locked. Generally, we do not recommend to carry expensive items with you. If you rent a luxury motor yacht, you can do so, since there is always crew on the deck.

In decades of experience, we have not even heard once that something was stolen from the yacht. Croatia is very safe country.

What does a day on the yacht look like?

After spending the night anchored in a lovely bay…

Wake up and jump right into your vacation with a dawn dip in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. After a good swim, enjoy a healthy breakfast at sea with friends and family in the early morning light. Continue your day cruising between islands in an ever changing and ever-fascinating landscape. When you’re ready, you can drop anchor in the turquoise waters of a tranquil bay for lunch time or even to snorkel, swim or stand up paddle – the possibilities are endless. After a nice lunch, you can take a siesta in the bay or on the boat as you sail ahead. Pass away another afternoon with nature all around and good company nearby. And when you’re ready to stop somewhere to explore the culture, cuisine and history of the land, there are many villages to discover and even spend the night.

The next day, as the village slowly wakes up you can visit local bakers, grocers and breakfast diners. With water tanks and food stocks refilled, you continue your journey in another place in the same magical way. And the only choice is whether to spend your next peaceful night in a bay or another lovely village.

This is the AdriaExperience, with those who know it best.

Do we sail during the night?

Only during The Great Sailing Escape event as the part of the itinerary.

The work and responsabilities of the crew are actually very tiring. Without weekends to recharge, exposed to the nature elements all the time, being in constant company with others, the night is the only time when they can rest. And the resting time is needed to have motivated crew and to increase security on board.

What happens to the sewage on board?

The waste water from the sinks and bathtubs is transported directly into the sea.

The waste water from the toilets is temporarily stored in the waste tanks and disposed of in open sea, far from the coast. It is the skipper’s job to be environmentally conscious and to use the waste tanks in accordance with local laws, so that guests can go to the toilet at any time.

Note: In some boats, not all toilets are connected to the waste tank. Such toilets can not be used during the day in the bays or ports. At night everything is allowed.

In the catamarans and motor yachts, all toilets are installed with waste water tanks.

How many showers are there on board?

Our official offer will contain the exact number of showers and toilets on your yacht. The ground plans of the boats on website serve as a good reference. Modern yachts are built so that every bathroom also has a shower. In addition, each yacht has a shower outside in the stern (at the rear) which can be pulled out and used at any time.

Is there water on board?

Yachts have their own water tank, which is refilled every time the boat docks in a village or marina.

Yachts also have a boiler so that warm water is also available for showering. If you take into account that most people like to rinse off after swimming in the sea and probably want to take another shower once a day, then you need to sleep in a marina or village after two or three days in order to refill the water tanks.

As a point of reference, a monohull sailing yacht with four cabins for eight people (45 feet) has a water tank of 300-450 liters. While no one needs to avoid showering, conservative water use always gives you an advantage.

Please note: the water in the tanks is clean and safe. However, it may still have some aftertaste. So for cooking, we do recommend that you use drinking water, which you can bring on board in large bottles (5l).

Will we have electricity (220V) on board?

While all yachts have several 220V sockets, most boats do not generate power. However, all 220V sockets can be used when the yacht docks in a marina or village port and the yacht is connected to the shore’s power grid.

All yachts do come equipped with 12V lighter power adapters, similar to the ones in cars. If you have a lot of electronics to recharge, we recommend to organize a small converter to charge all your smaller devices at any time.

All motor yachts, as well as some larger sailing yachts, have their own generators and so offer 220V power most of the time.

Does the yacht have air-conditioning?

Almost all modern yachts have their own heating systems.

While all motor yachts have air conditioning installed, cooling systems are rare on sailing yachts. However, in the sailboats the air circulation through the rooms and the contact with the water are usually more than enough to keep cool even in the peak of summer. And truly, the best way to cool down on a hot summer’s night is an evening bath under the stars before you sleep.

Can we learn to sail during our cruise?

Yes, definitely. You can practice some of the basic sailing skills and activities on deck: tying various ropes with specific knots, steering the boat for awhile, basic managing of the sail, the anchor chain and so on. However, from our experience, we would recommend two things

1. Check how many other guests on board would like to go through the lessons, because the learning process often requires that people in the cockpit (the open, rear part of the yacht) have to switch into certain positions. It could be the case that some guests simply want to enjoy the view or read a book without being too active.

2. To properly learn how to sail on a yacht requires a commitment of time and includes hours of practice and some theory. If your main goal is to learn how to sail as much as possible, then you may want to consider dedicating your trip to learning these skills, with a reduced focus on visiting popular destinations.

Will I get seasick?

While possible, it is unlikely. When conditions at sea become turbulent, from 30knots or more, yachts usually find harbor in a picturesque village. The weather at times can become unpleasant, in terms of large waves, sometimes already with 25 knot winds. However, that being said, in a typical summer season lasting 15-20 weeks and seeing over 120 guests per boat, only two or three people experience seasickness on average. Usually, any unpleasant symptoms disappear when you reach your next destination. Also, we find that when guests follow the recommendations of their seasoned skippers, bouts of sea sickness are far fewer.

When the waves become strong, the main points to remember are:

1. Stay on deck for fresh air and look ahead, towards the horizon.

2. Do not sail with upset stomach.

3. If you need to go inside the yacht, it is best to lie down and close your eyes.

However, it is not recommended to stay inside the yacht for a long time, or to try to focus on something in the immediate vicinity (like reading), because such activities remove the horizon from our field of vision, which in turn can aggravate the symptoms of the seasickness.

You may ask for further advice in pharmacies or rely on natural-herbal remedies such as ginger. There’s very effective natural remedies nowadays, which don’t make you tired.

How much space do we have for food?

The fridge on a yacht are smaller than at home, so don’t buy too many fresh things such as cheese, meat, eggs and milk on the first day. Perhaps, only for 2 or 3 days. You can always add more along during the cruise. 

The yachts have a good amount of storage for food/drink which does not need to be cooled. For example under the floorboards and in the walls.

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