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How should I choose the right size yacht for our group?

Generally, comfort, stability and safety on board grow with the the size of the yacht.
The easiest way to choose the best yacht size is based on the number of people in your group and the number of cabins you require. Also, please remember to include a cabin for the skipper. Each cabin has a double bed and some larger monohull sailing yachts (50 feet or larger), also have a smaller cabin with a bunk bed, usually reserved for the skipper/crew.

If your group is larger than 6 people, it gives you the opportunity to cruise with a catamaran, which does have many benefits.

All the catamarans have 4 large cabins for 8 people and those larger than 42 feet have 2 additional small sleeping spaces in the bow, the front part of the boat, where the skipper or hostess can sleep.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you with your choice.

Can we reserve a number of boats for larger groups and to be more comfortable?

Of course!

Travelling with many boats can make your cruise all the more fun, social and sporty (regattas have been known to start spontaneously). You can use the same guidelines to choose the size of each additional yacht, based on the number of people in your group and the number of cabins needed.

Do we need a skipper?

All our events include a skipper. However, if you simply wish to rent a yacht with our Rent A Yacht service (bareboat charter) and possess a valid license and the necessary experience, you can explore the Croatian coast on your own.  

Also, our lists of recommended restaurants, wines & wineries, bays and books are updated on our website to make it easier for you:

Do we need prior sailing experience?

For an Adria Experience event, you do not need any prior sailing knowledge.
Our experienced skippers will be there with you. It may be necessary in certain situations to help the skipper on the deck, such as during docking. If you do wish to participate, simply let your skipper know. He will be glad to show you a few skills, such as tying the knots, managing the sail and anchor chain and much more.

Do we need prior sailing experience?

Our experienced skippers will be there with you. It may be necessary in certain situations to help the skipper on the deck, such as during docking. If you do wish to participate, simply let your skipper know. He will be glad to show you a few skills, such as tying the knots, managing the sail and anchor chain and much more.

Can we learn to sail during our cruise?

Yes, definitely. You can practice some of the basic sailing skills and activities on deck: tying various ropes with specific knots, steering the boat for awhile, basic managing of the sail, the anchor chain and so on. However, from our experience, we would recommend two things:

1. Check how many other guests on board would like to go through the lessons, because the learning process often requires that people in the cockpit (the open, rear part of the yacht) have to switch into certain positions. It could be the case that some guests simply want to enjoy the view or read a book without being too active.

2. To properly learn how to sail on a yacht requires a commitment of time and includes hours of practice and some theory. If your main goal is to learn how to sail as much as possible, then you may want to consider dedicating your trip to learning these skills, with a reduced focus on visiting popular destinations.

Who pays for the skipper’s food?
You cover the cost of the food for the skipper and/or hostess. Basically, this can happen in two ways:

1. You pay the skipper 35EUR per day in advance and allow him to keep his food in the refrigerator.

2. You can include the skipper/crew in your meals. This is also the most common option. When going to restaurants, the skipper also eats together with the guests. Of course, when out at a restaurant if you need more intimacy for any reason, you can certainly eat without the skipper/crew. On the other hand, the skipper also has the right to go to a restaurant by himself, to have something that is not too expensive and bring you the receipt for full reimbursement.

Please keep in mind that it is quite necessary for the crew/skipper to have some time alone at some points during the cruise. This helps the crew to stay energized and calm amidst a busy season with little down time. Many find that these short breaks make time together afterwards even more enjoyable.

How expensive are the restaurants and food in Croatia?
Food prices in Croatia are not cheaper than in the western EU countries. However, restaurant prices are considerably more attractive. In most of the restaurants listed in our restaurant guide, you can enjoy a taste of spicy wine, appetizers and dessert for around € 40. There are, of course, dishes such as lobster that raise the price.

Also, certain areas are more expensive than others. One example is the city of Hvar and the surrounding area, which is known internationally for its chic atmosphere. The national parks Mljet and Kornati are also somewhat more expensive due to the difficulty of obtaining goods on these remote islands and their particular geographic location.

Can we have a female skipper?
Of course! If for any reason you feel more comfortable with a female skipper on board, one of our lady skippers will gladly join you for your cruise.

How long is the sailing season in Croatia?

The sailing season in Croatia is longer than the swimming season.

Most yachts are generally out from the middle of April till the end of October. The swimming season stretches from the beginning of June till the end of September. Sometimes the weather patterns do shorten or lengthen the seasons.

Some sailing enthusiasts also book cruises outside of the main season and enjoy unique experiences on the yacht: New Year’s Day or Christmas celebrations on the yacht, regattas with business partners in the spring or autumn, participation in the national or international regattas or other special event, arrangements which Adria EXPERIENCE is always glad to make.

What coastal area is covered by the Adria Experience cruises?
For a variety of reasons, Adria Experince covers the Croatian coastal area from Zadar to Dubrovnik. See our page The Coast:

This part of the coast can be divided into the following areas:

  • Zadar
  • Šibenik
  • Split
  • Dubrovnik

To properly experience even one of these places would take at least a whole week. And each of these areas could be visited several times over without returning to the same places. So it’s understandable that many of our guests have their favorite areas on the coast areas, which they enjoy visiting again and again.

Can you experience the whole Croatian coast in 7 days?
Theoretically, yes, it is possible. However, in practice it is not recommended.

For example, you could cruise from the northern end of the Croatian coast to the southernmost part in 7 days. But in the end, you could be exhausted and might miss the actual experience of the coast. In the answer above, you can get a sense for how much time you can take to really enjoy the coast.

What are the skipper’s duties?

Our skippers are well trained and experienced sailors who know everything about our yachts and navigation. They perform their tasks with responsability, share gladly the gems of the coast and have a pleasant presence. Regard your skipper as an extra friend who will stay with you and your friends throughout the cruise. All friends need to be fed, so please prepare meals for your skipper.
Be nice to your skippers and they will be nice to you.

The skipper also has many organizational, technical, nautical and household duties. These are the most important on the sailing yachts:

  • inform you about the yacht, your preferences and route
  • The skipper will do all the navigation and sailing
  • Share with you to all the hidden gems along the way
  • Show you the basics of handling the sails and ropes, if you are willing to learn
  • Be responsible for the yacht and all its equipment
  • Be your unique friend for the week
  • Going trough check in and check out of the yacht with the charter company

Skipper’s responsibilities DO NOT include: cleaning the interior, cooking, dishwashing, shopping for groceries or babysitting.
The motor yachts have their own crew with more detailed, higher standards of duties on board.

What are the duties of a hostess on board?

Sometimes our clients complain that they spend too much time preparing and serving meals, washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen during their vacation.
A hostess on board makes your vacation less tiring and gives you more time to relax.
Her duties include:

  • Before your arrival, preparing the interior of the boat, checking the galley inventory and cleaning utensils
  • Helping you to settle in upon your arrival
  • The food shopping on arrival and throughout the cruise (accompanied by a crew member)
  • Clean the saloon, cockpit, galley and toilets, but not the bedrooms
  • Prepare something special for breakfast, lunch and dinner (dinner – just 2 nights in a week)
  • Serve drinks during dinner
  • Providing snacks and drinks during the cruise and between meals
  • Helping the skipper during some maneuvers on board for safety reasons

Please keep in mind that a hostess is not a professional chef. While she may not be able to cater to all requests, especially for international cuisine, she will do her best to provide a diverse Mediterranean menu rich in local ingredients.

What can we do in the ports / towns?

Your skipper will be able to give you information about the port.
The usual thing to do once on land is – Explore. Good ways to do this is by renting a scooter, a car or even a jet-ski. For guided tours please check local tourist office once you get into port.

What do we do during the day?

Each event with is designed to provide you particular experiences aboard a yacht. Their routes, sailing areas and pace do vary. The theme of the event and it’s activities will add that special flavor and value to your vacation. The life on the yacht – sailing, enjoying the bays and various places – remains the same in every event.

However, if you Rent A Yacht or book Big Chill Sailing, what you do during the day is totally up to you and your skipper. Give your input and wishes at the beginning , so that your skipper can put up a frame and natural flow for the whole week. Do not order daily destinations like in a taxi, or change them all the time, since the yachting does not work like that and it is a sure way to ruin your vacation.

Usually people spend their day chilling on the yacht and sailing from one port or a bay to another with a stop in a bay or two, to cook lunch and have a swim.
The distances varie, but you would usually expect to leave the marina early or mid morning and arrive to the destination in the afternoon. You can also arrive in the evening, if you choose a bay for a stay overnight. It also depends how much time you spend having lunch and enjoying bays and swimming. When the yachts arrive to the port in the afternoon, you will have time to both explore and do some extra activities you wish so.

Can we sail at night?

Only during The Great Sailing Escape event as the part of the itinerary.

Generally, the work and responsibilities of the crew are actually very tiring. Without weekends to recharge, exposed to the nature elements all the time, being in constant company with others, the night is the only time when they can rest. And the resting time is needed to have motivated crew and to increase security on board.

What will the itinerary of the event look like?

If you book Big Chill Sailing or Rent A Yacht, the route will be planned on your day of arrival according to your wishes and skipper’s experience to create a natural flow during the cruise. And of course, also according to the weather patterns, which can influence sometimes the whole plan. Especially at the beginning and the end of the sailing season, when the weather can get more unstable.

For the other events, the frame for the route is set up weeks before the event starts. You will receive it along with your travelling information 4 weeks before. It has to be said that the suggested frame for the route should be taken with some reserve, since we allow ourselves to adopt it to the current situation in that area to provide you the best possible experience.

When is the latest I can add/remove a Food Package?

30 days prior to the departure, you can add or change your Food Package. Send us a message to info@adriaexperience.com

Can we change items in the food package?
No. You cannot make any changes to the food packages. But you can always go to the store and add things that you are missing.
Do you have motor yachts?

Yes, we offer also motor yachts. 
For more information, drop us an email at: info@adriaexperience.com

What additional costs can I expect on site?

You can read more about the additional cost here:

What about food?

Our events – The Great Sailing Escape – Sri Sri Yoga Sailing – Happiness Sailing – include Food & Drinks package. For other events a Food & Drinks package can be chosen as an option. The package allows a good start and covers the most for a week. Once on board the yacht, at your expenses, you can anytime add few more items according to your preferences.

Otherwise, you can buy food and drinks in supermarkets and later cook your meals on the yacht. Of course, the restaurants are there in all villages and even in some bays. Make sure to have supplies for at least 3 days so that you can plan your route without being bound to the places with stores. We recommend to do most of the shopping on mainland before the departure. There will be supermarkets on the islands, but they are much smaller and more expensive.

Important: do not forget Your skipper and Hostess. They are vital member of your crew and you’ll have to take care of his/her food as well. It is not necessary to buy alcoholic drinks for them.

Is alcohol included in the Food Packages?

Usually we do not provide alcohol with our Food Packages.
Only the Foodie Package has some alcohol included. Our suggestion is to go to the store before departure, since the shops on the islands are more expensive than on the mainland.

Can you give me an estimated cost for a week?

It depends on the event or service you booked.

Most our events cover the cost for the yacht, crew (Skipper and/or Hostess) and food.

For exact informations, plese check the Helpful Information in the chosen Event and the point What is included. 

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