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If you have further questions, please contact us at info@adriaexperience.com

We are 2 couples (4 people in total) that would like to be on the same yacht, is it possible?

Yes, as long as we have availability. Please contact info@adriaexperience.com and we will see if it’s possible for the event and week you are interested in.

What type of food will be served on board?

On most of our events the hostess on board will be freshly preparing your food during the week. Every event has its fixed food package that goes well along with it’s theme. Check the event’s page to see the planned food package. On our Food & Drink Packages page you can see detailed list of items in prepared special food packages for 8 person with all the essentials needed for your sailing week. The package is delivered straight to your yacht and will help you start your cruise with the right provisions. Once on board the yacht, at your expenses, you can anytime add few more items according to your preferences.

Can I be placed on the same yacht as my friends?
Yes, as long as we have availability. Please contact info@adriaexperience and we’ll see if it’s possible for the week you are interested in.
Do we need prior sailing experience?

Sure. A cabin booking price and the procedure with online payment is always meant for the whole cabin (max. 2 persons). If you want to book the whole cabin for yourself, you are welcome. However, the full price of the cabin needs to be paid, so it may turn out a little expensive. Simply book it online and let us know that you will be using it alone.

Can we book if it is 3 of us?

Our experienced skippers will be there with you. It may be necessary in certain situations to help the skipper on the deck, such as during docking. If you do wish to participate, simply let your skipper know. He will be glad to show you a few skills, such as tying the knots, managing the sail and anchor chain and much more.

When will I know who I will be sharing the yacht with?

Before the departure you will be introduced to the other guests on your yacht, as well as your hostess and skipper, and have the chance to connect with them.

Since you all share similar interests and life style, we know that you will get perfectly along with each other. The surrounding and the life on the boat does increase the feeling of belongingness and makes us more sensible for others. The events with special programs like Happiness Sailing or Sri Sri Yoga, create tons of additional positive vibrations. And this is exactly why we offer them.

What type of yacht will I be on?

The yacht type for cabin bookings cannot be selected. Four weeks before the event starts, you will receive an email with the exact details about the brand and name of the yacht. We usually use new 45-52 feet monohull yachts not older than 5 years.

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