Spacious and stable, the Catamaran is a joy to sail and live in…


    • Most stable yacht at sea, with almost no rocking
    • Spacious with double the width of the monohull, four roomy bedrooms, a large living area (saloon) with kitchen, large space with net in the front of the boat, a large dining/lounging area in the back, extra sunbathing areas and separate space for the skipper/crew.
    • No heel, leaving more boat space available
    • Superior dinghy with outboard engine


    • Higher price and berth costs
    • Occupies more space in port, reducing the chances of finding the vacancies during the high season
    • Double the fuel consumption
Diagram of a typical Catamaran (45 feet)

Our Catamarans are spotless and not more than five years old and can accommodate up to 8-10 people.

  • All catamarans have 4 large double bed cabins and can provide up to 3 times more space than a monohull sailing yacht of the same length
  • The cabins are also 2 or 3 times more spacious than on a sailing yacht
  • The saloon with the kitchen part is as large as in a small apartment
  • Additional large spaces for dining/lounging at the back
  • Open relaxing front part with the net and cushions
  • Extra sunbathing areas
  • Elevated skippers bridge
  • Separated living/sleeping areas for the skipper/hostess
  • Higher quality dinghies and outboarders are attached to catamarans

Only few large catamarans of 55 feet or more can provide more than 4 cabins.
Otherwise, if you have more than 8 people in your party, you can simply increase the number of yachts.

Most our events have fixed yacht types, yet in some events you can choose the type and size of yacht that best suits you and your favorite companions.

We know the charter market well and carefully choose the best yacht for your journey. We are committed to meet and exceed your expectations so that you can best enjoy your sailing holiday on a modern, elegant yacht.

For specific requests, please contact us at

Beyond safety and elegance, a holiday on board a yacht is also more vivid and personal than a cruise on a large ship:

  • Through your choice of company and cabin-mates.
  • The size of your yacht allows you to use places of the coast which are inaccessible for larger cruise ships.
  • With the yacht’s elegant design experience surrounding nature all the more up close and personal.  
  • You chart your own course and set your own time. 
  • Large sailing cruisers actually cannot create one-of-a-kind feeling of truly sailing, which is the hallmark of the Adria Experience.

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