Big Time.

Big Chill Sailing


Sail. Chill. Big Time

Sail for some time. Anchor in a beautiful bay. Have a swim. Snorkel awhile or have a go with a stand up paddle. Take time to sunbathe and refresh with some food and beverages to your own taste. Raise the anchor, hoist the sails and sail some more. And whenever you wish, anchor wherever you would like…

You have entered the magical world of Big Chill Sailing. You can spice up your adventure with:

  • Walks through the natural beauty of the island
  • Exploring the coast’s historical and cultural heritage
  • Night or day, dining on your boat in lovely bays
  • Visits to picturesque sites and villages
  • Feasts in authentic restaurants in unforgettable locations

…And the rest is up to you

from 480 € per person

choose your own week
Yacht Type: Monohull
Sailing Area:  Split
Booking Type:   Cabin Booking
Crew included: Skipper & Hostess
Food Package included:  Vegi

Yacht Type:
For this event you choose the Yacht Type. The yachts are not older than 5 years. 
Sailing Area:
This event allows you to pick up one of the 4 areas we prefer to work in. 
Included Crew:
Our experienced Skipper will beon board a yacht for sure. You can add a Hostess to save some precious time for yourself.  
Included Food & Drink Package:
Include one of our packages to give you an easy start and equip you with necessities for the yachting week. You can add more to it at your own cost.

Complete Booking steps are explained on our Booking Steps page.

Complete Booking steps are explained on our Booking Steps page.

Every day is new

The life on deck is continuous
journey. The flow of places and
events around the yacht is true wealth
of your holidays and outshines every
staying in a hotel

A typical day on deck

Wake up and jump into the sea. Cruise between islands,
drop the anchor in a lovely bay for lunch. Sail ahead
in a good company and stop somewhere to explore the
culture, cuisine and history.

The best pool is free

The sea is non-stop available,
so use it for enjoyment, exploration,
refreshment and reconnection

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